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Pregly started out as a simple app that showed some basic pregnancy statistics. It was developed as a hobby project but has become more and more popular. Users kept asking for new features, so over time, pages were added and the appearance was given an upgrade.

The change that made the biggest impact was the addition of a forum. It was an instant hit. Users were given the chance to communicate with each other and start "Due Date Clubs". With the rise of its popularity also came the rise of certain problems. With well over 10,000 users, some discussions easily became overheated. This resulted in an energy draining effort from the team and many volunteer community members to moderate the heated discussion threads. However, at the time, it seemed impossible to keep up with the ever rising flow of new users and the inherent increase of topics with issues. The team consists of young parents who lack sleep by nature and it was just not viable to spend huge amounts of time in the morning on moderating.

Ultimately, the forum was closed for new registrations and basically put into deep freeze mode. It was not fair to the loyal member base to close shop entirely and closing registration meant a much easier life for the moderators. Originally, we thought that the member base would slowly decrease and eventually lead to a dead forum. However, after two years, the forum was still very much alive.

New app users kept asking to open up the forum again. And as the babies in our lives had grown up a bit and allowed for more sleep, we thought, "why not?"

Behind the curtains


Martin is the founder of Pregly. The reason he created Pregly was because he had trouble keeping track of the exact amount of weeks that his wife Alida was pregnant with their first child. Therefore, it would not be fair to give Alida no credit when it comes to the founding of Pregly :-). Together, they have two children: Tristan (2009) and Elena (2011). His family is where his heart is at, but he cannot help but unleash his passion for computer programming on his third child: Pregly.


Alida is a young mother of two kids (a curly haired, blue-eyed, smart, cuddly, independent, lover of the environment and thinks-he-can-run-faster-than-a-Cheetah boy of four, and a curly haired, green eyed, mischievous, talkative, opinionated and lover-of-tiny-babies girl of two).

Alida loves to: read (Fantasy or Historical romances), watch cooking programs on TV (unfortunately, all those hours of watching still don’t make her a decent cook), talking to her mom and friends (good to know that children are the same, yet different), and to sleep. Unfortunately for her, sleep is the only activity that seems to elude her ;-)

Martin and Alida live in Amsterdam (The Netherlands) where they try to raise their children to respect (obey/listen) them, be good to their elders and the ecosystem, to speak with two words, eat with their mouths closed, and to always look out for each other. They are working hard on the ‘obey/respect/listen’ part.

Pregly has been a big part of Alida's life for the past 4 or 5 years - like a third baby - and it’s only becoming bigger now that she’ll be devoting her a lot of her free time towards expanding the Pregly community. Alida will blog about her life as a mother, partner, sister, and friend. Besides blogging, you will also find her on the forum, both as a moderator and an active member.


Saskia is Alida´s little sister and has recently come on board the Pregly train. For Pregly, she taps into her own experiences of motherhood and combines this with her skills as a journalist. Saskia will mainly focus on writing insightful articles. However, you will also be able to read regular blog posts about her life in England where she and her hubby trod through the trials and tribulations of raising their growing toddler.

Many others

The community wouldn't exist today if it weren't for many of the members and users who have helped out through the years by moderating and giving positive feedback. Thank you!