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Dad Jokes (10 jokes)

Sun Sep 1, 2013, by Martin.

Heard of Reddit? The site has seen a few controversies, but generally speaking, it has a lot of good stuff to offer. When I stumbled upon a 'subreddit' called 'dad jokes' I couldn't help but laugh out loud when reading through these wonderful little gems.


The name of the subreddit dadjokes hits the nail on the head.

Every time my dad sees a 'light' version of a food product

He checks the back of the product and says "Weird, it says light on the front but it weighs the same as the normal one". Every god damn time.

The guy at the deli counter asked my dad if he's a Giants fan...

He says "No, I'm a normal sized fan". I couldn't help but to crack an ear-to-ear grin.

Every time I go for a haircut

Dad: Why just one? Me: What..? Dad: Why would you only get one hair cut? You should get all of them cut!

A Dad joke that only works in the UK.

Mum: Your cousin has had a baby!
Dad: Thats nice.
Mum: It was 7 pounds 6.
Dad: Blimey that's cheap.

Driving in the car with dad

Pass by a "Psychic's" business
Me: "Hey, look, a psychic."
Dad: "Do you think she saw us coming?"

I couldn't finish my KFC bucket

Dad: "Looks like someone chickened out"

Even when we'd go to church, he'd make me laugh

My dad conversing with my mother...
Dad: I hate wearing these stupid socks with all the holes in them.
Mom: Then why would you pick those socks?
Dad: I have to wear my "holy" socks to church.

This never gets old

Driving past a cemetery.
Dad: People are just dying to get in there.

Everytime a friend comes over

Friend: Nice moustache
Dad: Thanks, I made it myself!