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Privacy Policy

Information you post is public
Please remember that Pregly is a public forum. There is nothing in place to prevent the public from viewing what you post, your profile pictures (past and present) and anything you or others write on your "wall". IF YOU POST PERSONAL INFORMATION, you do so at your own risk. We will be happy to remove your real name, phone number, address or email address from your post history as well as changing usernames and removing profile pictures (either current or past). A good way to find if you have any such information posted in an old thread and to find out which thread it would be in is to open Google in your browser and then type your information in and if it is listed someplace on the forum it should come back listed in the search results. If you have old threads that you want deleted for privacy and safety reasons ONLY please contact us with the exact thread title(s), we will not be able to delete all threads because they have to be done individually and we need time to help others as well.

Your email address is safe
We will not send out unsolicited emails, or give out your mail address to other parties.

We use cookies
For the app and site to function properly it is needed to use cookies. This allows us to keep you logged in and to know who you are. This is a normal mechanism, basically all websites in the world use this.

Our advertisers also use cookies
Advertisements are shown and also use the aforementioned cookie mechanism. This allows the advertisement network to show advertisements that match best with your profile.