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Moderation Resources

The following is a list of moderation tools that are available to moderators.

Deleting, closing or sinking of discussions

When we smell trouble brewing

A moderator can close, delete or sink a discussion when tensions run high and members cannot find a way to agree on a subject. The moderators have the right to do so without giving a warning first.

The same applies to comments within a discussion, a moderator can choose to remove a comment when applicable.

Moderators will always strive to keep a thread open, but not at all costs.


We will give you the benefit of the doubt by giving you a Warning first

When a Moderator finds you responsible for Attacking, Bullying, or Harassing another Member/Moderator, showing Disruptive Behaviour, posting Explicit Content, or Advertising on the Forum without consent, you will be given a Warning.

Post Approval

When you don’t listen, we will limit your movements on the Forum

A moderator will hand out a PA (post approval) after a Member has been given three warnings within one month. This means that the moderator, for the duration of no more than two days, will decide if the comment or post of the warned member will be put online or not. After the period of PA, the member will receive full rights again, according to their rank.

Temporary Time-Out

It’s time to cool off

After receiving three PA’s in two months, the moderator will give the responsible member a temporary Time-Out.


We give up!

If after receiving a temporary Time-Out, the member continues with their undesirable behaviour, a moderator will ban him or her from the site. Banning is indefinite and can be over a certain period or permanent.