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Moderator Guidelines


Te most important guidelines is that moderators are encouraged to participate in discussions, start new posts, and comment on threads. Also it is an important task to welcome new members and to help them make a good start.

Be an example

Moderators are role models and will also have to follow the forum rules. So they will not gossip, slander, harass, or otherwise show unbecoming behaviour towards forum members.

Moderators are not above the law. If it is evident that a moderator is abusing his/her position, other moderators or even members should not be afraid to bring the issue up to the administrators.

Enforce the rules

Moderators are to ensure that the forum runs smoothly by enforcing theforum rulesusing their resources.

Keep it private

Warnings, bans, and deletions will be communicated to the responsible or affected member through a Private Message (PM). They do not speak in public about actions with the responsible member, other members, or moderators.

Moderators will not comment on posts or threads made about their decisions, be they positive or negative.

Don't let personal feelings or beliefs play a role

Moderators will not let personal feelings regarding comments, posts, or threads play a part in their decisions. If they feel that they cannot make an unbiased decision because of personal feelings or convictions, they will hand over the issue to another fellow moderator.

Moderators will treat every similar violation in an unbiased and just manner. They will not give special treatment or lessen the penalty because of personal beliefs or convictions.

Don't be afraid

Moderators should never be afraid to address a problem, issue, or give a warning, even if it is to a friend or fellow moderator.