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Pregly is a pregnancy and parenting website which helps parents out in everything they need to know from conception to pre-natal care, and from giving birth to raising their child. It is of utmost importance that Pregly provides a safe and supportive environment for all its members. As such, it’s the responsibility of each and every member to abide by the forum rules listed in this section, and to always respect differences in opinions. For your convenience we have compiled a summary, but we recommend the detailed version.

Please note that in becoming a Pregly member, you thereby agree to respect the rules and take the Pregly Pledge[1]:

I, _______, do solemnly pledge to be a positive contributing member of Pregly. I vow to avoid drama, name calling, and all manners of silliness, because I'm a grown adult with common sense and a kind heart. I will support my fellow Preglies and help to make this a better place.

The Forum rules are in place to keep Pregly a nice and welcoming place for everyone. These rules are enforced by the moderators. They devote a lot of their (free) time and effort in trying to keep the forum running smoothly, so please give them your respect. The moderators reserve the right to remove or edit any thread, post, or message that is offensive to others, or to temporarily or permanently ban members who continue to break rules. The decisions they make are final.

If you ever have any questions or comments, we'd love to hear from you.

Thank you. We hope you enjoy participating in and being part of the Pregly community.

1. Thanks to blueberrysmom for inventing this :-) She posted this in a discussion on the old Pregly forum.