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Detailed Forum Rules

No Personal Attacks

You may not threaten, abuse, or slander any other person, whether it is a member, non-member, or part of the moderators.

Personal attacks or “bashing” are posts, comments, or even private messages (PM) that insult, demean, embarrass, or humiliate any individual or group because of their character, decisions, personal choices, beliefs, racial or gender profiles, appearances, or the like. A personal attack does not warrant the right to retaliate with another personal attack. Remember that discretion and respect are enforced in this Forum.

If at any time, you become the victim or witness to a personal attack, kindly inform a member of the moderators via PM, so that decisive action may be done towards the perpetrator.

Warnings, Bans, and Deletions

Matters between members of the moderators Pregly Support Team and individual forum members are private and will not be discussed publicly or with other users. 

Members who are issued warnings are notified by the moderators through private messages, along with the rule(s) that had been disregarded. If you have any concerns, feel free to bring it up with a member of the moderator team and rest assured that your exchange will be completely private. 

Decisions of account removals are made by the moderator team after a review of all the facts, and the member is notified.

No Bullying or Harassment

Bullying is classified as any sort of action(s) that are used to intimidate, humiliate, harass, or threaten someone. 

Any posts or threats of this nature will not be tolerated in any way. You may not bully or harass ANYONE on P, whether they are fellow members  or moderators. If you disagree with someone’s opinions, argue the point, do not criticize the person. A healthy discussion or debate is possible without having to get too personal about it. 

No Illegal Activities

No illegal acts or discussions of illegal acts are allowed on the Forum. 

Any discussion of illegal acts such as taking drugs or other illegal substances is prohibited. The only exception to this is when you are seeking medical advice or support on an issue directly related to pregnancy. For example, talking about recreational drugs is completely unacceptable, but discussing the physical and/or emotional effects of drug use during pregnancy or while caring for a child are acceptable, as long as the discussion conforms to all other Forum rules.

Any discussion of illegal activities, whether criminal or civil, is also prohibited. This includes criminal activities such as evading government taxes/fines or the like. This also includes discussing the downloading of pirated movies, TV shows, or books, even if they are related to or helpful for parenting or pregnancy. 

No Misrepresentation

There will be no tolerance for “ghost” accounts with the primary purpose of either trying to circumvent being banned or specifically with the intent of causing “drama”, bullying, or threatening. 

If you are suspended or banned from the site, you are not allowed to post under a “ghost” account. Any accounts that are suspected to be fake may incur suspension without warning or explanation. Should a mistake be made, the moderators will rectify the situation as soon as it is made aware of.

No Pornographic or Sexually Explicit Conversations, Images, Links, and No Foul Language

We do not allow posts with sexually explicit content and/or soliciting any type of pornography. 

We support women being able to discuss things related to their health and pregnancy, and at times, this means discussing sexual issues such as the safety of sex during pregnancy and after giving birth. However, any posts that are too sexually explicit or pornographic in nature, without any valid (medical) relevance to pregnancy will be removed as it can be offensive to (most) people. The same goes for offensive language.

No Disruptive Behavior

You may not engage in disruptive behavior such as, but not limited to: boycotting, petitioning, repeating posts in multiple threads, litigious behavior or reporting, interfering with discussions, flooding, spamming, lobbying, “calling out” specific members or groups of members, or publicly airing personal grievances. 

If something you posted has suddenly been removed from the thread, it was deemed in-appropriate by the moderators. Do not attempt to re-post the same content again. If you would like to appeal the removal of content which you feel was unfairly removed, you can contact the moderators.

No Advertising

We do not allow posting of materials meant for advertising or solicitation. 

You may not promote any businesses, whether self-owned or owned by a friend or associate, which could result in your own financial gain. Avoid excessively promoting any one product, to the point that it sounds like advertising, or your post may be unexpectedly deleted. 

We want Pregly to be a safe ground for the sharing of ideas and tips for a better pregnancy or parenting experience. We do encourage members to share their favorite products and service to other members, but only when unbiased and based on true personal experiences.

No Posting of Personal Information

No posting of personal information of another member without the express consent of the member. 

This includes photos, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, or any other identifying information of members. This rule serves to preserve the safety of the Forum and all its members.

Zero Tolerance Policy

While we try our best to be as understanding as possible, we have a zero tolerance policy for the violation of any of these rules. Members who are found to be in violation may be subject to an immediate ban from the Forum, with or without notice. Should this happen, your posts may or may not be removed from the Forum as well. 

By participating in the forum, you are agreeing to follow both the letter and the intent of these rules. You also agree to abide by the interpretation and enforcement of these rules as made by each and every one of the moderators.